​Love is pure…the purest of all the emotions…..but what when it is mixed with the doubts, possessiveness, jealousies, envies, negativities. Love is to free not to suffocate with your love. Love means trust, no doubt at all, love means blind faith, love means freedom. When you love smbdy, u must have the mutual understanding and mutual respect for one another in order to persuit mutual happiness. Where there is love, there can be no place for doubts, where there is doubt, love can’t take breath. But wen we love smone so deeply…why we want to possess dat person. I think dat is not love dats only obsession dats only possession. Not love at al. Dnt spoil the beautiful word love by doubts.. If u doubt ur loved one, dats another type of mistrust, dats another type of war but not love. Love is pure. Love is absolute happiness. Love is freedom, love is mystic, love is God. Love is to believe beyond ur capabilities, love is to go beyond ur limits. Love is a chance dat happens to u only once in a lifetime wth only one person for the eternity. If you are lucky to identify it then just go with that feeling of love for eternity without any doubts, just experience it without any judgement . just accept it fully with your full awareness. Plz dnt mix it wth doubts plz dnt spoil it wth dirty thoughts if possession. Just flow with it. Let it happen. Experience with it. Dnt stagnate it . let it flow. Let it grow. Let it happen without any obstacles. Without any restrictions. Never ever make ur love judgemental. Never analyze it. Never kill it with ur unnecessary emotions. Love is a bliss. The true form of love is to just be with it. Just enjoy it. Just allow it to happen. Have the gratitude and appreciation to the almighty God dat he has given a chance to u to be loved and to love He has given chance you to be the part of his favourite game and dats love. Plz dnt make it burden. Enjoy it. Live with it. Live each and every moment with it. To love and to be loved is ur only purpose to appear on this earth. Dats why u have taken birth. Dats ur mission of life. Dats ur purpose of life. True love lasts forever. Dnt kill it. Allow it. Dnt bound it. 

Lucky are the people who get the chance to be in love. Lucky are the persons who have the chance to love. The true test of a lover is with whom you feel the best and the most honoured person in this world. True lover gives you warmth of security, comfort ness, the mere thought of a true lover makes you happiest, makes you special and the most important person of this world. True lover never gives u pain, he or she never gives you tears. He or she always makes you comfortable when the whole world becomes uncomfortable for you to live in. True lover gives you ultimate peace and the ultimate purpose of appearing on this earth. Focus on ur love and lover and nothing else. Else are obstacles not ur purpose. Love makes  you the most beautiful and the most special creature of this earth. It makes you the most wonderful person. It makes you desirable. It reveals and unleash your true self. It enables u and it takes u to where no one can take you. Dats the power of love. Love changes your life completely. Love makes and develops you the person of great wisdom and it turns out all impossibility into possibilities . 

Love is the most graceful relation on this earth. True love never expects anything in return. It knows only to rejoice in giving not in taking. It’s the greatest social service and the greatest philosophy of this world. The most important guidance. It doesn’t require ur existence to prove ur validity or importance.


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