Make someone to smile

Today is a fine morning, woke up had my ginger tea, dropped my son to school. Then had a good conversation with my neighbor. While discussing, one old aunt came and asked for curd, I said sorry I don’t have. I said to her why can’t Uncle go to shop, it’s just downside. She said, he never goes. They are the parents who came few months back to stay with their son and daughter in law and sweet grand daughter. At first, I was surprised that how come uncle can’t go, he is totally fine. Then I paused myself and told her “Aunty while, going outside after some time, I will bring curd for you, don’t worry. She was so happy, she said it’s fine you can bring by 1pm, we will have lunch that time”.

I went and brought curd for them, it made me so happy and smiling.

What I learnt today, that instead of focussing on why can’t or should and could of others, let me focus on myself . Let me ask myself, how can I be useful for others, how can I be productive for others.

It made my day.

Thank you


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