Unattended child

Came across the constant child cries made me to write this article.

Child who is unattended by his or her so called educated working parents are left at day care centres or old grandparents in a view to be nicely taken care by them.

But the reality is far different. It seems they are taken care by care takers properly but young minds and hearts are marked by hidden and unspoken sorrows unattended. Psychologically they become weak and emotionally imbalance.They seek attention in other means of care, they find out the ways to express their inner shares of joys and tears in unchanneled ways, which later on takes the form of various social issues. The worst can be juvenile crime.

It’s a kind request to parents to take care of their children in the best possible manner, in the most loving hands. They must be triply assured and must check regularly the behaviour and hidden talks of their kids. Quality time even of 20 minutes on daily basis with your little ones is more than enough to ensure their overall growth.

Never leave child unattended.

Happy parenting.


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