Aam aadmi

Yesterday evening while going to local vegetable market, I came across a ginger selling vendor. I brought some ginger then asked him does he has swipe machine? He said no. He said ” beta, jabse ye sab hua, mera to dhanda hi band ho gaya” it means the day demonetization started, my business has slowed down. He said to buy a swipe machine i need money and have to pay certain amount every month for it. I am a common man, how can I afford all this.

Tears came in his eyes  that glistened my eyes too. 

Who is suffering most by demonetization? The common people, vendor sellers, poor people and thus the powerless people. Or in broader terms the unaware and weak mass.

I wish it will solve as soon as possible with immediate relief to commom man. I know it’s a great step from government but as usual everytime weak suffers. It’s a good thing but coated with bitter polish.

Wish to see a big smile on vendor sellers and common man soon.

Happy vendor shopping.


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