Nicherine Daishonin Buddhism

​Good morning my dear companions in faith.

I am Archana practicing Nicherine Daisonin buddhism since last 8 years.

I quote” What is the purpose of faith? It is so that each of us can become truly happy and enable others to become happy. Faith is the driving force that let’s us apply what we gain from our studies to truly serving people{ Discussion on youth 2, ch. 19}”

These lines by Dr Daisaku Ikeda motivated me to earnestly chant and pray for the people for whom I had grudges in my heart. 

Sensei says sickness is the result of complaints. The  month began with my health issues  which I overcame through my faith, practice, study and by seeking guidance  at each step. When I reflected into my practice, I realized I am ‘ seeking law outside’, I realized it’s my tendency to blame others for my sufferings and made endless execuses for UnHappy ME.

From 3 rd January till today I regularly read gosho, even though at times I did’t understand it. Reading gosho on daily basis has opened a pathway for me to seek Nicherine Daishonin selfless spirit for others happiness inspite of his own sufferings without begrudging.

Each and everyone possess the Buddha nature. My unhappy tendency caused me to behave rudely with my closed ones. I forgot that they have also buddha nature, after reading senesei guidance and gosho regularly I changed my attitude and without my knowledge I manifested the inherent compassion within my heart. As a result, one of my close relative proved as a shoten zenzin for me at the time of my illness. I appreciated all the support before Gohonzon  and apologized deeply for my grudges. One of the major change I noticed, this time my relative behaved very well and didn’t take drinks, for which I was worried.

With my constant words of praise, my little son has become enough responsible to do his homework himself  without saying him.  My mother in law has become my friend now. She shares her pains and sufferings with me.

My determination

I will read gosho daily.

I will touch members lives.

I will keep guard on my thoughts and words.
Thank you 


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