Unobedient undisciplined love

Furious is love. When the world describes lover situation as manic or imbalanced one, technically world is right but spiritually, heartily and psychologically people are unable to comprehend the mind set of a beloved.

‘ Love is blind’, I would like to add love is deaf and dumb also.

It’s a different kind of mystic world that’s totally beyond the comprehension of mind.

A boy named Raman fell in love with a lady named Ahilya. Irony of the situation they were closed relatives. Their love is extraordinary, complicated, unobedient and undisciplined. The boy lost his prestigious white collar job, he just wanted her to be with him each second. But, but , but what about so called cultured society..that never understand love…the only thing they know is intimacy, gratification by physical beings.

Desperate Raman daily called Ahilya, had endless talks, melodious conversation and unlimited number of times they exchanged their souls.

Passionate Raman came to see his beloved at her home. He spent plenty of hours in seconds with Ahilya at her home. He accompanied her every place. Golden days of their love flew away. He returned at his place. Ramana found the alternative solution to heal the pain of separation from his beloved in the form of alcohol.

He started taking this daily to forget and control pain of love and separation. Once a disciplined awarded employee stained his name and position as the most “Undisciplined employee”…but nobody understand their pain, their agony.

In the depth of deepest dizziness also, he is enough genius to keep secret of his beloved name. Thats love….

Love is not to get someone, it means to lose yourself for someone.

A twist came, Ramana had a weakness for beauty and curves of feminine figure. He got attracted by someone, then one day Raman in the state of alcoholism, called Ahilya and asked that gilr’ s contact number, that night was the worst hell of  Ahilya..that sentence of asking another girl’s contact number smashed her every nerve.

Ahilya started to avoid Raman for his punishable behaviour. She was a devastated soul now who was carrying her wounded wounds and invisible scars within her life, her inner traumas sometimes found their way to release by her unstoppable sobs and moist eyes. 

Number of missed calls of Raman couldn’t soften her injured heart.

Desperate Raman fell in the paths of bars and bathed himself in the bloody bath of the shattered heart.

He was perplexed how can his one sentence change the scenario of his eternal love story. Innocent Raman gifted himself the gift of 24 hrs dizziness because of alcohol effect. He sought out the way to compensate her voice from the glasses of whisky. Reckless Raman didn’t care about the world, his only wish was to find his lost love again. 

In an attempt to find her lost hope, he came to meet Ahilya, she behaved ruthlessly with him, her doubtful eyes didn’t want to make eye contact with her violent lover.

Love always wins, the true vibes of bold and stubborn lover ultimately ignited the extinguished sparkle of flames of love within her heart.

This time Ahilya rediscovered her unconditional independent love in her new version of self respect, before from which she starved herself because of low self esteem and no self love. Earlier she replaced Raman as ‘attention giver’ ,this time it was the fragrance of real love, because she found true love in her heart , she put the green specs to see the world in green.
This new found love gave Ahilya new confidence and new attire to move on her spiritual path. She was no long a beggar of emotions now. Ahilya new version moved Raman heart in new horizons, the glimpse of new Ahilya took lover in new positive direction to accomplish his lost career.

Two love birds are not aware of the destiny. They don’t know what will happen in their life. But they know only one thing that love is eternal and their love is the purest of all.

Love never asks about the validity and approval from the masses.

Love is love…


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