How to have better person in your life

Robert want understanding life partner, he wants suportive, caring and lovable better half. He tried many friends, colleagues, class mates, college mates but all in vain, he couldn’t find anyone better.

In search of better beloved, he sought many other ways, viz. Astrologers, predictors, palm readers but couldn’t find the correct way.

After tried all those external ways to seek extraordinary, he went to a buddhist philosopher, he told all to him. Buddhist asked him few questions:

How many times do you think before you speak?

How is your behaviour towards others?

Do you have begrudging nature?

Do you always seek God outside?

Robert answered in other ways, he said he never think before speaking, he keeps grudges for others and blame others for his failure and he doesn’t believe at all God resides in him.

Buddhist made him understand to seek God within him as well as in others, treat everyone as God and be Responsible for your each and every failure yourself.

After imbibing these points in his life, Robert came with serene vibes and said to buddhist, I am grateful to you Sir,i have found my soulmate. She is the person whom I wanted in my life since many years.

Philosopher smiled and said you found her because you found a better Robert within yourself.

Like attracts like☺


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