Mending broken pieces

Many times in a day, in a week or in months or sometimes even all times we feel broken, droopy and depressed. Some seek alternative ways to trigger the situation negatively as well as positively depending on the life condition and mental setup of an emotionally disturbed person. The burning desire of the victim that moment is to heal his broken heart, mind and soul by quick gratified remedies; it can be counseling, meditation, reading books, music, wine, attempt to kill oneself or others, anti-depressants, drugs or silent. The taken remedies depends on the life situation of the concerned person, if he is mentally strong he will seek for positive ways of healing but if he is feeble-hearted he can destroy himself in many ways that can lead the silent death of his being and even to his closed ones.

Best ways to deal with constant low life condition is just to observe oneself silently, talk with friends, reading motivational and inspirational books, meditation, polish oneself to the extent that one can never be affected by the external harsh realities of life. IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME. This kind of Never Give Up spirit inspires one to lead a progressive life that can be used as an asset to motivate other broken hearts by playing a lead model role by oneself.

inculcate challenging spirit coated with spirituality always helps in mending broken hearts. Possess the heart that is grateful and appreciative even to the most rude people will surely make a great transformation in other mindsets.

How i treat you, reflects who i am…because i am another you.


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