#ugadipachadi Ugadi is a new year in Andhra and other regions of southern part of India. It is celebrated with great pomp and show with the intention of welcoming spring season. Pachadi is a special cooling refreshing herbal drink that is served in the morning on this day. It's said human heart possess 6 diffrent emotions viz sadness, bitterness, happiness, suprises and other. Ugadi pachadi signifies the fact of blending these 6 diffrent flavours in one's life to complete it. It is made up of tamarind, jaggery, neem florets, coconut, raw mango, green chilly and other fruits with salt and chilly powder. It's tangy flavour makes one to overjoy it with sourness and sweetness. Neem represents sadness jaggery represents happiness. Raw mango is added to add surprises in the life. It's said if one has this drink on the onset of spring season, it maintains the immunity while year. #newyear #Andhra #6blends #healthydrink

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