Save water

Good morning friends, today I want to share my lesson for the day and life with all of you. May be you all are aware with these things and apply also but it’s a big learning for me.

Summer is at its peak at Hyderabad and thus accompanied by water shortage. In the morning, my mood went off when my ears didn’t listen water sound and my eyes saw empty bucket!!!
It was a O God!!!Moment for me.
Inside my heart, I was cursing owners for not taking care of rentals, this manifested in my irritated behavior as well.
Unnecessarily I shouted on my little kid….My tight upward eyebrows bent downwards in relaxed manner, when I listened some sound of water…and so my voice changed into somewhat motherly…Haha
Out of greed, I filled all empty buckets and containers with good speed as if I have got new energy ☺☺.. I washed my utensils that generally I wash after 11am!! Like a skilled and perfect daadi maa, I washed them with little water stored in a vessel otherwise I wash directly under running water..
While washing utensils, I realized with this little water also, I can manage the cleaning, then why I waste water…What’s the need?? Why I wait upto 11 am…Why can’t I wash them in the early hours only??…
I marked in my heart, I will do my household chores in the early hours of the day without wasting water.
What I learnt today, human can adjust with little resources also. So, it’s better to save natural resources for our future generation.
I am sure, many of you practice this…But I am a learner..So my heart is dancing up and down for this new MY OWN CLASS….MY OWN REALIZATION… That I will never ever forget…
It’s a human tendency to ignore the words of experienced people until they realize it by themselves..
Save water for our kids☺☺  and teach them to save for their kids and so on..


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