Union of mind and body: Yoga

Yoga or unity of body, mind and soul is the ultimate solution for life’s complex problems. I remember the days when waking up in the early morning for jal neti (a type of cleansing process, where water is inserted into one nostril in tilted position and gets exit from other nostril). Our team of yoga used to perform various cleansing activities followed by pranayam and yogic aasans. That time I used to feel somewhat difficult to get up, be ready and then processes.

No pain, no gain. After some years, I understood the value of yoga and these processes. Yoga is very much different from other physical exercises. Physical exercises basically affects body and it’s functions, while yoga is an intimate affair with body, mind and soul. It creates a harmony and balance between sukshma sharir and sthula sharir, means soul and body.

Unfavourable conditions doesn’t affect a yogi easily. A person who does yoga and pranayam on regular basis gets the power to control on his emotions, body language, behaviour and other delicate issues.

Apart from the weight loss, it cures many ailments related to psychosomatic disorders, mental disorders and other issues.

Since the childhood, a baby does various yoga aasaan, for which we are not aware of. Haasya aasan or laughing mode, shashank aasan or rabbit pose, uttanapaadaasan and many more. So, we can say yoga is very intrinsic to us. It’s as natural as taking breath.

Let’s make yoga our life, love and passion and be healthy forever for eternity.


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